The crew

Not only do we believe the yachts are excellent, the same goes for each crew member on every yacht. The yachts comply not only with ScicSailing´s exacting standards, but also all crew members have the necessary papers and licences on top of being excellent sailors.

Captains, chefs and sailors are employed all year round, not just seasonally. In the winter, they work on their yachts, making sure they are in excellent condition for the next season. The crew know their yacht inside and out!

The teams

The crew are completely used to each other’s ways; the Captain giving his commands with barely discernable nods, simple gestures and calmly delivered comments. The chef will step out of his galley to act as sailor and every crew member knows exactly what move they have to make.

Years of sailing experience

ScicSailing encourages all crew to sail as much as possible. All captains know how to get the best out of their yacht and their expertise is now systematically passed on to the young sailors. All captains and crew have the correct documentation and certificates.

Training the crew

Winter is a great time for training and running refresher courses on such subjects such as safety, first aid, fire drill and hygiene and the general updating of services and standards. These special ScicSailing workshops are also an excellent time for the chefs to learn new recipes.

Give a hand with sailing?

The number of staff is sufficient to sail the yacht without the passengers´ assistance. However if you wish to give a hand, please ask the captain.