Themed Sailing Cruises

ScicSailing organises a number of special themed cruises each season, with professionals in their field as a guide. If you have a particular interest in subjects such as scuba diving, bridge, backgammon, navigation, personal development or beauty, let us know, and we can see what can be arranged.

Our themed sailing cruises are one week, from Saturday to Saturday. In our fleet one ship might have a sailing cruise with a theme and another without.

For our themed cruises, a minimum number of 8 participants is required. Prices and comprehensive program on request.

A rejuvenating sailing cruise for those seeking pure tranquility. One of the great joys of cruising the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean is the relative calm of the area – not just on the water, but generally along the coast. So we’ve designed a special sailing cruise to truly take advantage of this peaceful, unspoilt area – our ‘Sounds of Silence’ weeks. Departures upon request. MORE INFORMATION

Do you have a longing to know how to sail? Sailing instructor Serdar Çiςek, coach for the Turkish national team youth dinghy class, will have you confident and competent to sail by the end of the week! Discover the intricacies of sailing. Departures upon request. MORE INFORMATION

This very special sailing cruise ScicSailing organizes in cooperation with a yoga specialist. They will take you this week on an inspiring journey where body and mind will get a positive ‘boost'! This yoga week is suitable for all levels. The yoga sessions will, depending on the itinerary of the sailing cruise, take place on the deck of the yacht or on a nice spot ashore. You have to do this week nothing except to enjoy to be in ‘the moment’. Departures upon request. MORE INFORMATION

Explore the Greece undiscovered on a normal holiday before the weather gets too hot. Departure dates on request. However, if you have an ‘exclusive’ charter cycling on the Greek islands is possible on any departure date.MORE INFORMATION

Our small fleet of yachts allows for plenty of flexibility when creating dedicated cruises. So it’s easy for one of our ScicSailing yachts to be with families and another yacht to be kids-free. Each of our yachts sails a dedicated itinerary; ScicSailing cruises are never in flotilla. Departures: each Saturday. MORE INFORMATION

Near the modern city of Bodrum is a network of hidden paths that connect the many nearby villages. You will encounter old Turkey and enjoy an ideal opportunity for Hiking! Departures upon request. MORE INFORMATION

Istanbul is a fascinating city and in 2010 was one of the Cultural Capitals of Europe. Not only will you discover the ‘1001’ atmosphere, but also modern clubs and fine restaurants. And... a simple one hour flight to Bodrum, and you have a super combination with a sailing cruise. Available throughout the season. MORE INFORMATION

Especially for lovers of naturism, one sailing yacht of the fleet will locate itself in more out of the way places. A wonderful opportunity to work on the all-over tan! Departures upon request. If you have an 'exclusive' charter this cruise is possible on any departure date. MORE INFORMATION

Indulge in the new luxury; a holiday without the interruptions of the information age. With our special Wi-Fi free cruise, you can maximise the relaxing benefits of a ScicSailing cruise, by sharing a digital-free holiday with like-minded people. No intrusive emails, or news web sites; just the tranquillity of the Aegean. Departures upon request. If you have an 'exclusive' charter the digital detox cruise is possible on any departure date. MORE INFORMATION

The southwest coast of Turkey is dotted with beautiful beach clubs. Your holiday is the time to party! With sand between your toes get dancing in the stylish clubs and take the next day’s sailing to recover before anchoring at the next club. Start in one of the great clubs in Bodrum! Departures upon request. MORE INFORMATION

On various dates in May, June, August and September we set sail to the Greek islands such as Nisyros, Symi, Rhodes, Samos, Kalymnos. We will also explore Amorgos and Astipalea. If you have an 'exclusive' charter visiting the Greek islands is possible on any departure date.MORE INFORMATION

If you have children, you might want to join the special annual children’s cruise in March, April, May, October and November. All kids up to 16 years old will get 50% discount on the sailing cruise and on-board meals & drinks. This offer is for individual reservations.MORE INFORMATION

Stunning and fascinating walks led by a professional guide on the Greek islands of Kos, Nisyros, Tilos and Symi. On your return to the yacht some chill time lounging on the aft deck with a refreshing drink! Departures upon request. MORE INFORMATION

Our sailing area around Bodrum, Kas and Kalkan is dotted with small and large beautiful relics of antiquity with an incredibly rich history. It is too much to discover in one week. During our archaeological sailing cruise with the guidance of an enthusiastic, professional guide, you can ‘taste’ a part of it. Departure on various dates in April, May, June, September and October. MORE INFORMATION

About 50% of our passengers are single travelers. In general, we can get a good mixed group together with several singles or maybe a couple of friends travelling together. There are special ‘singles weeks’ in May, June, July, August and September. All our planning is dependant on the Reservations for a specific date. MORE INFORMATION

Would you like to create food as delicious as on the boats? Chef Ahmet Çetin, a representative of the delights of Turkish cuisine in culinary competitions around the world will send you home at the end of the week with the ability to create mouthwatering Turkish meals! Departure date: early May.MORE INFORMATION

Why not combine one or five days playing golf with a sailing cruise? In nearby Bodrum you will find a beautiful 18 hole golf course. Any departure date is possible. MORE INFORMATION

Do you have a yearning to paint the gorgeous views of the Turkish coastline? Oxford based artist and tutor Peronel Barnes will soon have you creating Art you are proud of and possess a folder full of pictures capturing the beautiful Turkish landscape! Some comment: ‘Peronel's whole approach to teaching art, of knowing what an individual needs and suggesting ways that can enable your art to come alive.’ Departures upon request. MORE INFORMATION

This is an annual sailing race, with about 70 classic yachts participating. For our passengers, this is the chance to compete together with the crew to win the Bodrum Cup! One might call this adrenalin week, rich in high octane thrills! Race date: 2nd half of October. MORE INFORMATION

Besides all the special topics, we have our weekly ‘regular’ sailing cruises: a perfect opportunity to just enjoy the scenery, sail, lie back and take time to relax and chill out! An ice cold drink to hand, huge cushions to lounge in, endless blue skies to gaze not to mention a dip in the clear blue sea. What bliss. MORE INFORMATION