The sailing

Our passengers agree with us that the actual sailing in Turkey or Greece on a yacht chartered by ScicSailing is quite spectacular; the best part of the journey. In fact, many of our regular passengers do not feel the need to go ashore as they want to enjoy the sailing as much as possible.

As soon as they weigh anchor and depart from the harbour or bay, the Captain turns the yacht with the bow to the wind, the sails are hoisted and the excitement grows. On some yachts the sails are more than 400m2 and it is sensational to see how speedily the crew hoist them up the masts.

All yachts are equipped to sail, so we do actually sail and only motor when necessary. Our fully trained Captains and crew share a real passion for sailing.

Preference no motoring

ScicSailing has a reputation for being the only company chartering yachts that actually really sail in this region. This has been the case from the beginning and still stands today and the crew love the challenge of sailing as much as possible during the week. The yachts weigh between 45 and 100 tons and can reach a speed of around 12 knots when sailing. For passengers who join us for the first time it is sometimes hard to believe that the yachts can really sail. However after the first few minutes, after the sails have been hoisted, they sit back and enjoy the thrill of it all.

The sensation of sailing

Every sailor knows that feeling of freedom when you are on the water and it is no different on the yachts chartered by us, however, the feeling is that little bit stronger. With the classic design, the size of the yacht and the fact it is a wooden yacht you have the wonderful sensation of sailing as was practised centuries ago, without modern equipment. You really experience being a traveller on a classic sailing yacht, lying on the sun deck or sitting on the aft deck with the sails capturing the wind, admiring the distant rugged coastline, the sheer expanse of the sea, not knowing exactly where you are going as the robust yacht pounds through the waves but relishing the sailing experience.

The coastline

Rest assured we do keep the wishes of our passengers in mind and do not sail continuously in ´regatta mode’! Furthermore the coastline is always within sight and reach.