Who is ScicSailing

Answered simply, ScicSailing is a Dutch/English organisation with small offices in the UK, Holland and Turkey. ScicSailing charters a small quality fleet, so called 'gulets', currently based in the environs of Bodrum, the centre of what might be viewed as some of the most beautiful coastline in the Aegean. All yachts sail along the south west coast of Turkey and some of the Greek islands.

ScicSailing was created in the mid nineties by a vivacious life-long sailing enthusiast, a Dutch lady-Loes Douze. She had for seven years cut her commercial teeth as Marketing Manager with famous brands like Eurocamp and a Dutch company- Tussock Cruising. Prior to these posts she had held a number of exciting marketing posts, including a stint with an advertising agency.

Having chosen to move to London in 1995, her previous employer from Tussock encouraged her to set up a new division of Tussock in the UK. Loes's astonishing success with this venture led her to take over the original Dutch arm of Tussock Cruising for which she established the trading name of ScicSailing, but marketing the holidays under the Tussock banner.

The combination of her knowledge of sailing and the preferences of the Dutch/UK market for ultra relaxing holidays led to extraordinary growth with the Turkish sailing company she was associated with, who provided the vessels, crew and local administration exclusively to her company. The fleet grew from 2 boats to 9 within a few years.

Along with her partner, an HR Consultant, they instigated different training programs for captains and crew, all during the off-season where many other companies divest themselves of their staff. Team-building sessions, culinary workshops, presentation techniques and motivational trips to the Istanbul Boatshow all contributed to the development of exceptionally able staff. Every winter the boats underwent extensive upgrades to meet the exacting expectations of the European market.

The trading relationship with the Turkish boat owners eventually closed at the end of 2008. From 2009 Loes forged a new relationship with a different company owning a distinguished fleet of boats satisfying her challenging standards.

Loes now offers sailing holidays in Turkey and Greece under the original trading name of ScicSailing and with a new fleet of vessels that have recently undergone the 'Loes' touch. Style and comfort along with extraordinary relaxation are her primary concerns, even to the provision of air-conditioning.

With ScicSailing you get it all in sail fulls!